Coordinates + Vivi's pick up [Heavy Post]

Since today was quite boring, I decided to try some coordinates to use my time usefully ~ Yeah in order to get ready for this new year since I'm going to start trade school, so I will live in a new environment, new city & with new people !

Coordinate #1
In this coordinate, almost everything is vintage (only the shoes are not ~). Yeah, again I found many good clothes that my mother used to wear. I love the black jacket and particulary this long red skirt... This is totally fashion ! How come my mother hide all this ?! I think this dress is gonna be my new favorite clothe ~ The bag is pretty good too... Finaly, keeping all this was usefull since I can get it ^^ I always wanted to buy a long skirt but never did it, now, I don't need it anymore (or maybe I may buy an other one with different color...)


Some news ~

Finaly, I was able to go out a little recently, my friends are all busy but being able to see them a little is quite good since we will take separate ways because of our lives and studies. 

So, last day I went out with my best friend to take some breath and sun ^^ Just walking, checking news clothes from shop (with the great willing to buy... But not the ability to do so T.T).

That day, I didn't want to disturb myself with my style, I just choose to wear some boyish clothes (but still trendy... I think ~).

Cardigan : ZARA
Top : Pimkie
Pant : Promod
Belt : Promod
Shos : Pimkie
Bag : Morocco